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My aim is to provide your business with a convenient cost effective online secretarial / template and macro development service to small - medium businesses."

Sandra Mestros, easytype


We used Easytype to set up our macros and templates which Sandra Mestros (who is very experienced in the legal area) customised for barristers chambers. Sandra from Easytype has made our day to day work so much more efficient and reliable. She set up a “New Work Menu” which allows us to easily choose an author’s directory, a particular task (of which she has set up many) and be assured that the document is always filed to the correct directory. Sandra is more than happy to spend time to troubleshoot a problem to create a particular client’s requirements. She has set up many shortcuts for us, as well as lots of tips and tricks along the way. Sandra’s expertise is extensive and I would highly recommend Eastype for any prospective client.

Hanson Chambers, Clerk

In our busy surgery we are constantly looking at ways to streamline repetitive tasks. easytype has created many macros and templates which assist us to complete day to day task, eg. Specialist letters to GPs'. All macros and templates have been custom designed for our specific requirements and are great time savers for the staff."

Practice Manager, SA

Services Provided

  • Transcription Service
  • Creation of Templates
  • Creations of Macros
  • Training for use of Templates / Macros

    easytype is the Westpac Small Business Grant Award Winner in the category "The Innovator", which was presented as part of the Westpac's National Business Month - May 2012.  easytype would like to thank Wesptac for their contribution to helping small business in Adelaide.